Different Types of Sports Flooring to Know When Shopping

Shopping for sports flooring can be daunting. There are numerous features and considerations to make, and simple blunders can lead to injuries. These include; flooring material, durability, shock absorbency, safety, and more. That’s not all, though! The multiple flooring varieties available make shopping rather hectic. And choosing the most suitable sports flooring involves understanding the distinct types available.

  1. Indoor flooring

 Most sports can be played indoors. These include; volleyball, basketball, tennis, wrestling, and many more. These necessitate a comfortable play surface to enhance player performance and avoid injuries. Therefore, when choosing indoor sports flooring, the type of sporting activities matters a lot. The common types of indoor flooring are;

  • Maple hardwood flooring

Maple hardwood flooring is a favorite choice among many. It’s common in gyms and basketball courts. What makes it unique? Maple flooring is durable and appealing. It comes with multiple colors and design options and will transform your play area into a beautiful arena.

Like other hardwood gym floors, maple sports flooring features a subfloor system that helps in shock absorption. And we all know what this does- minimizes the risk of injuries. Your choices are endless when we talk hardwood flooring; see all sports flooring here and learn more.

  • Polyurethane flooring

 Polyurethane is famous for its durability and is common in indoor sporting arenas. It can accommodate heavy athlete impacts and equipment, and it’s favored for its multiple uses. It can handle various sporting activities, and its’ highly customizable.

  • Recycled rubber flooring

This type of flooring is useful for various purposes. It’s common in weight rooms and training or fitness centers. Recycled rubber flooring is highly durable and is easy to maintain. Also, it has excellent shock absorption and stain-resistant properties, making it easy to clean. Its seamless appearance makes it a perfect choice for indoor sporting spaces.

  • Vulcanized rubber

Vulcanized rubber floors feature multiple layers for enhanced comfort and shock absorption. They are highly durable and slip-resistant. They are also easy to maintain and can handle high-impact and heavy equipment.

  1. Outdoor sports flooring

Sports like football, tennis, baseball and many others are played outdoors. They require a comfortable play surface that’s durable enough to withstand weather elements and impactful sporting activities.

There are two major sporting flooring surfaces for outdoor sports. These are;

  • Track and field

 These sporting surfaces feature recycled rubber that offers excellent shock absorbency and traction to avoid athlete injuries to legs, ankles, and feet. Track surfaces are effective in draining rainwater to endure athlete safety. That’s not all; these surfaces are safe and durable and are environmentally friendly.

  • Artificial turf

Artificial turf is common in school fields and other outdoor sporting facilities. It resembles the look of natural glass and requires minimal maintenance. What’s more, artificial turf is durable and offers high shock absorbency levels. It’s common in soccer, baseball, and football fields.

 A quick wrap up

There are different types of sports flooring for both indoor and outdoor use. However, the kind of sporting activity determines your choice of flooring. There are also features to keep in mind when shopping, and these include durability, traction, shock absorbency, and safety.

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