How to Quickly Unclog the Sink in a Restaurant

A clogged drain will ruin anyone’s day. In the commercial industry, a clogged drain poses a health hazard for employees. Often, sitting water causes bacteria and mould build-up. Bacteria and mould love moist and nutrient-rich environments. When an employee dumps a pot of solids into the sink by accident, you will quickly find your team frustrated. They can no longer use the sink during an extremely busy dinner shift. Here are three easy tips on how to quickly unclog the toughest clogs.

  1. Keep a Plunger On Hand

It may seem obvious to use a plunger. However, do you have a specific plunger for the kitchen sink? Many restaurants and commercial facilities have plungers for the washrooms but forget to carry a “kitchen-only” or “sink-only” plunger. A dedicated kitchen or sink-only plunger will lessen the spread of germs that can cause serious illness. You can use this plunger before and after applying drain unblockers or natural remedy solutions. The best suction is formed when there is water high enough to cover the bottom of the plunger.

  1. Apply Drain Unblocker

An industrial strength drain unblocker is fast-acting. The solvent must be poured into the drain and allowed to sit. The directions may call for hot water or dilution. You should carefully educate and train your employees on how to use the drain unblocker. There are many different types of industrial strength drain unblockers on the market, including acid drain unblockers, biological enzyme fat and food digesters, liquid drain cleaners, and drain cleaner granules. In the restaurant industry, you should consider purchasing a biological fat and food digester drain unblocker. This solvent is designed to break down organic compounds in food. The best industrial strength drain unblockers will not degrade your pipes. Eco-friendly and solvent-based drain unblockers can help your facility improve Kaisen and 5S standards.

  1. Natural Products

If you are waiting on your order of commercial strength drain unblocker, there are alternative remedies that can help unclog a drain. Hot water, vinegar, and baking soda products are found in most commercial kitchens. First, you should pour a fair amount of hot (boiling) water into the drain. You will then add half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar. You will want to let this mixture sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the appropriate time has passed, you will follow up by pouring more hot water into the drain. You can repeat this method until the drain is clear.

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