Building a Bar in your Living Room: All you Need to Know

Most homeowners would love to have a bar in their living room, and if you were thinking it is a major project, think again, as constructing a bar at home is well within everyone’s budget. The first thing to determine is the location of your bar, which might be a corner unit, or using one of the walls, and once you have calculated how much space you actually have, your design can begin.

Carpenter & Joiner

If you search online for a local carpenter & joiner, he can design and construct the perfect lounge bar, and with your choice of seasoned timber, you can create a pub-like bar where your guests will love to sit with their favourite drink. The bar itself can be upholstered with real leather and the top can be either timber of a nice piece of marble or granite, depending on your décor ideas.

Bespoke Shelving

The rear wall provides the perfect location for your shelving, which should be made to measure, and with hanging glass racks and a few spirit optics in place, your bar area will look great, as well as being functional. A few glass decanters and a nice wine rack are optional extras that will make the bar very appealing, which allows you to impress your guests by serving wine in a professional manner, and as time passes, you can add items to build a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Bar Stools

Of course, you should acquire 4-5 bar stools of the correct height, which will allow friends to gather round for a toast. If you like fine furniture, why not ask the joiner to craft stools out of the same timber used to build the bar, or you could opt for a modern look with stainless-steel and leather.


If your living room has carpet, it might be an idea to cut the bar section out and replace it with hardwood flooring, which is easy to keep clean and any spillages will not be a problem. The other option is stone tiles, which look good and are very practical for a bar area.

You can create some glass racks above the bar, or a few spaces to store wines and spirits, and with the right LED strip lighting, a warm and inviting ambience awaits your guests. If you are a handyman with serious skills, there’s no reason why you can’t build your own bar, and with free online tutorials that take you through every step, your new home bar will be the envy of your neighbours and friends.







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