Why Sliding Door Wardrobes Are Better Than Hinged Door Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes have been around for some time now than any other types of wardrobes. They have done a good job in giving a simple yet secure way of protecting our valuables over the centuries. However, due to the modern lives we live, spaces have become smaller, and as a result, the sliding door wardrobes have found their way into our homes.

A sliding door wardrobe is more advantageous compared to the hinged door wardrobe. Below are some of the reasons why the sliding door wardrobe is better than the hinged door wardrobe.

  1. They save on space

If you have ever used a hinged door before then you know that to open it, you need more space. The hinged door opens outwards so a space must be left to allow the door to open. This takes a lot of space that could otherwise be used for something else.

The sliding door, however different, it does not need extra space for it to open, thus saving on the space. Because of this, the sliding door wardrobes design is very suitable for confined spaces.

  1. The door width limit is greater.

The hinged door can only reach to a certain width. These types of doors when they have a width greater than 600mm, they become heavy, and the hinges are further strained. If a hinged door has a strained hinge, the door might not close effectively. Sometimes the doors may even fall off from their hinges. Fortunately, the sliding door can have an even greater width. Since there are no hinges, it is sporadic that the door might become weak and fall off.

  1. They are more stylish.

The hinged doors are tough to style. The door has to be light to avoid straining the hinges. It would be difficult for you to style it with glass or mirrors. The sliding door, on the other hand, has a sleek design that you can customize to fit your desired sense of style. The width of the sliding doors also allow you to decorate it further. For instance, you can choose to do a large beautiful paint on the door. You can add mirrors or even glass to give it a unique and customized look.

  1. Easy to install

A hinged door might need the carpenter to drill and fix hinges. A sliding door, however, does not require any precision carpentry or a lot of drilling. The sliding door only needs a top and bottom track when installing the doors. Installing a sliding door is, therefore, easier than installing a hinged door. If you decide to set up a sliding door, you will save on both time and effort when installing.

  1. Not susceptible to damage

Unlike the hinge door, sliding doors can hardly fall off. The hinge door wardrobes after they have been used for a long time, can fall off from their hinges due to weak hinges. Also, the sliding door is built with aluminum frames which are very durable compared to the materials used to make hinge doors. You can rely on the sliding door wardrobe to last longer and in good shape than the hinge door wardrobe.


Wardrobes are a long-term purchase item, which means that replacing the closet will be an infrequent case. That is why when you decide to buy a new wardrobe for your space; you should carefully consider both sides of the hinge and sliding door wardrobe. If however, you are looking to have a wardrobe that will last longer and fit with your style, then the sliding door is your best option. In summary, the sliding door wardrobe is better than the hinge door wardrobe.

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